Value Management

At Matrix we believe ultimate value for our clients lies in a fully utilised asset which has been delivered at the optimum cost, in an efficient period of time. For us, value management is not about cost cutting, but optimising the relationship between the value and cost of the asset. Our vast experience in pre-construction services enables us to create innovative project solutions at an early stage.

Ideally, we like to be involved at a project’s commencement and use a collaborative design process to consider all ideas from all parties involved (client, consultants, subcontractors, construction staff) and allow them to be explored for the benefit of the project. This ensures that trade level buildability and value added solutions are integrated into the project as it is being designed.

Our experience shows that money spent up-front by clients in getting the right concept will return savings far in excess of our fee. There are a variety of ways we can manage value, but the most important step is getting the right people in the room together to collaborate on the possibilities.